How We Operate

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are both end-user customer, i.e. private individuals who require design services for their interior design project, as well as professional clients, i.e. furniture supplier, fit-out contractor, etc. who need support in creating a design proposal for their clients.

We are located in Europe and provide our Design Services to clients in many countries around the world. However, over recent years we have developed a steady stream of requests from the Middle East, esp. UAE, Qatar, Bahrain.

Local Support

We are supported by local service agents that help us with site inspections, submissions of sample materials, etc. We use surveyors, logistics companies, fit-out contractors, etc.

In some countries these companies will also conduct meeting with clients to assess the project objectives.

Project Delivery

Each project is structured into Service Packages and delivered in phases, “assessment”, “draft 1”, “draft 2”, “final”. The details well depend on selected services, complexity of the project and client’s requirements.

At the beginning of the project we outline and agree the elements of our service delivery.

These “Design Deliverables” will often take the shape of Design Proposals, Presentations, Material Schedules, Product Schedules, Project Plans, Drawings, etc. which are provided to clients by email or can be downloaded.

Service Flexibility

We required or recommended because of project specifics we offer a flexible range of additional services.

We often like to meet with clients of complex furnishing projects at the a factory in Italy to finalize product selection. This is particularly useful when choosing very high end finishes or for complex product choices. We also offer supervision of loading of goods, etc.

Try us and you will find that we adjust to your project needs.


The project consists of one or several service packs. Each service packs has is made up of several deliverables. The project is priced very transparently up-front.

Payments are to be made by Credit Card or Paypal for each project phase according to the agreed payment schedule. The design delivery schedule is linked to this.