Garden Villa at The Palm Jumeirah – 2012

This Garden Villa project at the Palm Jumeirah was finished in 2012.

The main objective of the design was to bring the owners closer to the sea, to open up the view to by changing size and design of windows, and to open up the villa inside, removing walls and creating larger living spaces.

The scope of this project includes changes to the architectural and interior design, the pool and general landscape. The focus was on furnishing, lighting and wall-floor-ceiling surfaces.

The style of the villa is typical for its owners, a middle eastern couple who wanted to update its lifestyle, create a more modern surrounding for them but without giving up their traditions and long developed habits.

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Garden area

steps down to the beach

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Small bathroom

Redesigned and refitted, custom made furniture, floor – wall – ceiling – light fitting

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Master Bathroom

with corner shower, walls decorated in stone, new flooring and custom made furniture

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Master Bedroom

Furnished and decorated, new lighting and electrical fittings

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Dining Room and Kitchen

Rooms joined together, floor – walls – ceiling – light fixtures connected. Kitchen with island and wall unit.

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Living Room

New flooring, furniture and artwork.

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Living and Dining Room, Kitchen

Three room joined and one floor (levelled), wall and ceiling decor, light fitting and new, larger windows. Door were replaced and electrical fittings modernized, rooms furnished and decorated.

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LIving Room Corner

With a terrace extension including new, larger windows to create a close connection to the surrounding sea.

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Large, custom-made painting and a new staircase and first floor glass banister and oak handrail.