Project Inquiry: “Shop”

Project outlines to discuss a new project with a Design & More design consultant

Typical designs in this category are: retail shops on the high street of your town, the grocery store around the corner or a retail outlet in a high value shopping mall.

Please fill in the below fields so that we can understand your vision and objectives for your project. We will contact you shortly with our initial assessment.

    • please indicate the space in m2 (1 m2 = approx. 10 ft2)
    • i.e. retail outlet in shopping mall; retail shop on high street; etc.
  • i.e. kichen requirents area ... ; front of the house to seat 50 customer; table size 4 pax; bar area for 15 pax; etc
    • Please select a style of the intended design or provide a short description in the comments.
    • i.e. when do you plan to start design works for this project
    • when do you want to project handed over

Should you want to discuss the project in more details, we will create a private area on this web portal. To gain access you can register here.